About Me

Christian Nilsson, that's me
Currently mostly a software developer, but many other things as well.


  • Software developer (VB.NET, PHP, C#, bash)
  • Network Admin (VPN, Switching, Security, VLAN, WLAN, Ethernet copper and fiber, Cabling)
  • Server Admin (Linux mostly Gentoo, Windows 2003, 2008 Server)
  • Phone System Admin (Avaya IP Office, Asterisk, and interconnection H232, SIP)
  • Hardware hacker (building computers, Troubleshooting and fixing)
  • Automation (Why do anything manually when there are things that can do it automatic?)
I always try to foresee and prevent any and all problems, mostly I have solutions ready before there is any problem.

My currently most fluent computer language are VB.NET, and in some kind of order PHP, JavaScript, C#, bash, Python, C.
And you can probably throw a bunch of other things on me as well and I can at least read it.
Other almost languages is MySQL T-SQL (MSSQL), HTML, CSS


My Hobbies are mostly my work, and my work is my hobbies. (At least that is very close to the truth)


Well ok here are some of my Hobbies as well.
Japanese, Japan, J-Dorama (Ok lets stop here for a moment, I love Japan so far only been there once, and my language skills aren't that great but working on it slowly), J-Pop.
Thats the J stuff, i Only listen to/watch Japanese music and spend a few hours a week (and a lot of bandwidth) on this.

Also there is some Gaming... No, no computer games here we are talking about boardgames...

nikize [at] gmail.com